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Supplemental Plans

Specialty plans are offered with quality companies and protect you when large life events might otherwise derail your future plans.

We can tailor the plans for your personal situation. We have a variety of plans and can work with you to get these important protections and still keep your budget intact. Don’t let the fear of unknown premiums stop you from getting information and moving forward on protecting your future. We understand all about budgets!


Life can be unpredictable. With today’s high maximus on insurance plans, it may make sense to purchase this additional coverage to fill in the gaps. It can be surprisingly affordable to protect you for the “what if’s.”

Cancer/ Critical Illness

When faced with a diagnosis you weren’t expecting, this coverage can help manage your costs by paying a lump sum to help not only with insurance out of pockets but also loss of income of non medical expenses. These plans can alleviate financial worries allowing you to focus on your health.


When you need care and your insurance plan has co-pays or large deductibles a hospital plan can help provide a financial safety net by covering specific charges with a set reimbursement amount.

Disability Insurance

This insurance is protection of your income when you are injured or become sick and can no longer work to earn an income. Think about it for a second – what would you do if an injury or illness prevented you from working for anything longer than a few months? You might have some money in savings, but chances are it is not enough to support you when left with a disability.