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Life Insurance

You’re worth more than you think!

We’re often caught up in the “busy”ness of life and don’t keep our basic protections up to date.

We can help you review the coverage you have and make sure it’s protecting your loved ones…or your business…or providing you with options in the future. Sometimes, your existing coverage is exactly what you need. Oftentimes, small corrections or updates can have a huge impact.

We broker for a wide range of companies and plans to ensure you get the best price for the best coverage.

Term Life Insurance

When you need a simple life insurance plan to cover your family, term life insurance is your lest expensive option. However, it does not provide benefits beyond he set number of designated years. When your plan ends, you may need to be healthy to get another.

Universal Life Insurance

Not only does universal life protect your family in the event of your death, it also protects your ability to keep life insurance throughout your entire lifetime regardless of your health. There are many reasons to purchases this “permanent” insurance – one is for children to ensure they are able to get a policy.

Life Insurance with Long Term Care Benefits

A way to help manage your costs if you need long term care while ensuring you won’t lose your money since the plan will pay pout a death benefit if you do not need the long term care.

Life Insurance to Protect your Business

There are many reasons for business owners to protect their business with life insurance- let us help you determine if you could benefit from a protection for you, your employees, or your business.